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Starting off this collectible series are the all time favourites The Monster and The Bride.

The Monster stands a chunky 3″ tall.
The Bride a slim 4.5″ tall.

The figures are designed and sculpted by award winning toy artist Bruce Whistlecraft (aka Doktor A).

Each piece is lovingly and individually hand cast and finished in England by Baroque Designs.

They are sold individually, boxed in simple packaging with a striking metal foil label.

So don’t walk… RUN to purchase a set for yourself…

Monochrome Edition
Echoing the crepuscular greyscale of the classic films. Hand-painted desaturated hues of yesteryear add the vintage touch to these classy collectibles.

(Limited to only 20 pieces of each character. Hand painted, signed and numbered by Doktor A.)


Copper Creeps: Clanking Classic Creature Collectibles by Doktor A

Cold Cast Edition
Mimicking the timeless metal finishes of classic sculpture these open edition versions come in a Bronze and Pewter options. Weighty, solid and stylish.

(Open edition. Signed by Doktor A.)


Copper Creeps: Clanking Classic Creature Collectibles by Doktor A

Allerdale Edition
A special, spectral edition of Series One. Glossy transparent Crimson to peak your interest and elevate your collection to the height of gothic perfection.

(Limited to only 10 pieces of each character. Signed and numbered by Doktor A.)

Verdigris Edition
Weathered and oxidised. A time aged version of the classic Bronze edition.

(Martian Toy Store Exclusive)