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Mini Metal Copper Creeps Pins

In addition to the brand new Mini Metal Copper Creeps figures there is also a new range of pins.

The same mini sculpts cast in the same solid, polished metal as the figures
but each character is a pin.

So you can wear them out on your adventures and display your love of monsters to the world.

Choose from the Bride and the Monster.

Each one comes carded for just $10.

Launching at Designer Con.
They will be available online after the show.

Mini Metals!

Introducing a new addition to the Copper Creeps line.

Mini Metals!
They are Mini and they are Metal!

Solid, foundry cast metal versions of the Creeps you love so much.
Series one is launching at Designer Con.

The Bride is 1.75″ tall.
The Monster is 1.25″ and a chunky little nugget.

Each is lightly aged and polished and comes bagged
for the also tiny price of only $10.

They will be available online after the show.

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It’s Alive!.. Alive!

MonoCopper Creeps Wave1and 2Welcome to the brand new Copper Creeps website.
Enter freely and of your own will…

Copper Creeps are a series of resin figures inspired by famous movie monsters of the past.
Each of these iconic horrors have been re-imagined with a minimalist vintage mechanical style.
Designed and created by award winning UK artist Doktor A. the Creeps stand apart from his ongoing Mechtorian world, whilst being familiar in tone to his existing fans and easily accessible to new collectors.

Hand made in England and shipped to collectors worldwide.

We hope you enjoy this new range of creature collectibles.